Webinar 2010 June 9

Webinar – June 9, 2010

A webinar is a live online conference transmitted over the internet, which utilizes audio and/or video content. Each participant registers online beforehand, and at the time of the webinar, sits at his/her own computer to fully view and listen to the conference.

Guest speakers include:

  • Glenn Lewis, Formerly with TCEQ
  • David Frederick, Lowerre & Frederick Law Firm
  • Eliza Brown, SEED Coalition
  • Dan Hirsch, Committee to Bridge the Gap

Hosted by:

  • Susybelle Gosslee, Texas League of Women Voters
  • Trevor Lovell, Public Citizen Texas

Click the image on the left or here to download the full-length audio recording of our webinar. Below are relevant slideshows you may view while listening to the webinar.

The EPA and the AquifersGlenn Lewis presentationEliza Brown presentation

Attorneys and concerned citizen groupsLawyers' First ThoughtsGovernor Richards' Letter

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