Here you’ll find a compilation of important news stories covering the waste dump site in Andrews County, Texas. Have an article to share? Send it our way.

Coalition Documents

Press Releases 11/28/2010 – “Texas At Risk of Becoming the Nation’s Radioactive Waste Dumping Ground”

05/05/2010 – “Rep. Lon Burnam Applauds Radioactive Waste Commission for Delaying Important Rule Vote”

04/29/2010 – Lone Star Sierra Club: “Strong Majority Of Texas Voters Opposed To Radioactive Waste Landfill”

01/22/2010 – SEED Coalition: “Protect Texas from Becoming Nation’s Radioactive Waste Dump”

12/10/2009 – SEED Coalition: “Stop Texas from Becoming the Nation’s Radioactive Waste Dump”

Featured Press Coverage

Dallas Morning News 1/12/2011 – “Trust wastes away in radioactive dump decision”
Houston Chronicle 1/10/2011 – “Bad Timing: Commission decision to open radioactive waste facility to nation seems rushed”

Additional Press Coverage

The Nation 06/20/2011 – “Fixing America’s Nuclear Waste Storage Problem”
Bloomberg 12/10/2010 – “Foes of nuke rules argue case at Texas hearing”
D Magazine 12/10/2010 – “Harold Simmons and WCS Race To Make Texas the Nation’s Nuclear Waste Dump”
New York Times 12/30/2010 – “A Last-Minute Choice by Texas and Vermont”
12/03/2010 – “Texas Proposal Spurs Race to Dispose of Nuclear Waste”
Vermont Digger 12/01/2010 – “Controversial rules for Texas landfill could impact decommissioning of Vermont Yankee”
Star Telegram 05/29/2010 – “Proposal to truck radioactive waste through Texas to be considered soon”
Dallas Morning News 06/30/2010 – “No room for error at radioactive waste site”
06/15/2010 – “Texas commission to retool nuclear waste plan”
05/22/2010 – “Texas may get nuclear waste from dozens of states”
Austin American-Statesmen 06/12/2010 – “Texas commissioners hold hearing on nuclear waste”

05/10/2010 – “Rudolph’s nose won’t be only thing glowing around Andrews over Christmas”

05/09/2010 – “Texas dump might get other states’ radioactive waste”

San Antonio Current 05/05/2010 – “Texas Legislators stall efforts to expand West Texas nuke dump”
Texans for Public Justice 12/20/2010 – “Don’t Trash Texas – Unless You Pay Perry $1.1 Million”
06/03/2010 – Recusal Urged For All Texas Justices In Radioactive Contributor Case
04/29/2010 – Nuclear Compact with the Devil?
Houston Chronicle 06/27/2010 – Nuke waste site has more troubles
Texas Observer 05/10/2010 – Radioactive Waste Dump over Ogallala Aquifer?
In These Times 05/16/2010 – How Does Your Water Glow?

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