The Lone Star State and Nuclear Waste

We here at Texas Nuclear Safety aim to educate the public about the current news about nuclear waste transportation in our state, while stressing the dangers it presents to the general public.

The Repository and the Risk:
Andrews County Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

Public Citizen report – by Ali Rawaf – April 2011

rad waste report

Click here to learn about our campaign. You can also check out our webinars for further information. This campaign would not have been possible without our sponsors listed below.

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Take Action

Email the TLLRWDCC and tell them NOT to approve rules for importing radioactive waste.
The rules proposed are inadequate to protect public health and the environment.

Texas Aquifers

Will the radioactive waste dump endanger major aquifers?

Learn more about existing aquifers in Texas by clicking on the maps below.

Our Webinars

Our last webinar was held on June 9, 2010. Much of it covered the legal and environmental circumstances around the dump site in Andrews County, TX. Click the image below to learn more.

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